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Oslo to Stockholm

Thursday 10th April 10.00am
Ok we are now in Stockholm and much to Ryans disgust i am on a hunt for something ABBA! We arrived yesterday after a one night stopover in Oslo. Have to admit to feeling a little disappointed with Oslo but must reserve my judgement as we were only there for one night and didn’t see much apart from the main drag (JohansGate) and our somewhat dodgy Hostel. Ryan was also less than impressed, he got kicked out of his first pub ever! While legal drinking age here is 18 for beer it is 20 for spirits, the pub we went into sold spirits so he wasn’t allowed in. Very peed off indeed!
We are staying in a B&B here just out of the city. The house owner, Helen, is lovely. We walked down to a local pizza shop she directed us to for dinner last night. While there a local overheard us ordering our meal and gave us a “what are you doing look”. She came over and couldn’t believe that we were staying in this sleepy suburban part of the city. It was quite comical and she gave us some good pointers. We caught the T-Bane (train) into the city and discovered we really are not that far out (5mins). Although the way the taxi driver took us and got lost a few times on the way to the B&B we were previously not that sure where we were. (We have decide to stay away from Taxis in the city as much as possible after the argument with the driver who tried to charge us for his getting lost- even though he had a GPS navigator that was telling where he should go and he was taking the opposite turns to the directions! Way dodgy. You don’t need to speak the language to work that one out!)
Having now studied our trusty Lonely Planet it is time to go venture back out to the city.
Bye for now
Dani and Ry

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Tromso Summary


Tuesday 8th April 10.00am
Well here we are in Tromso Airport waiting for our flight to Oslo. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the Northern Lights but surprisingly I don’t feel at all disappointed. This place is just beautiful. Even now sitting in the airport we have a view of snow covered mountains, they are everywhere you look. For a girl that grew up in a flat red landscape the view change has been stunning. A quick recap of some of the things we have done;
Our first night we spent in the local pub (as you do ;)) playing pool and watching soccer with the locals and some exchange students from Libya (Tromso is also know as a university city). Tromso has its own soccer team and most of the locals are avid fans (the pitch is the only thing not covered in snow in the whole city!). We spent the next few days walking around the city (which Ryan enjoyed as a spectator sport watching me try and navigate my way through the snow and black ice), eating and just relaxing. On Friday we took a tour that journeyed us north to Skervoy by local bus. The bus ride was interesting as (in addition to the scenery) there was a local couple who sat behind us who were blotto and once they found out were we Aussies the lady gave me a big vodka hug! They apparently had been celebrating as they had been to town to order a new car (we later found out she was in fact a Doctor of Psychology which you wouldn’t have picked in her condition!) They were well meaning (if highly potent to breath around) and wanted to invite us to their home (which was some distance away) for a big fish dinner. We politely declined. After a ferry ride and another short bus ride we transferred to the Hurtigruten coastal steamer which was in fact a mini cruiser liner. This thing had everything...bars, restaurants, sauna, conference rooms and of course accommodation. We were duly impressed and after dinner on board sat back to enjoy the view - unfortunately i think we were also the youngest on board.
We sailed through more Fjords and as it turned to night we kept an eye out for the northern lights (to no avail). We went to Macks Brewery on Saturday. Apparently the northern most brewery in the world (everything here is the northern most something @ 70⁰ N).

On Sunday walked up to a local park/skiing area and attempted to make a snowman . snow_child.jpgI now have a new found respect for those that can make really big perfectly round ones! (It is actually harder than you would think...it didn’t help that the snow was not fresh, being a few days old it was quite icy.....well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it!) Seeing us playing in the snow attracted a bit of attention from the locals who knew we were doomed even before we started! Eventually we resigned ourselves to the fact that this was as good as we could do and took our frost bitten bums back to the Hostel. In the last few days we finally worked out where to buy food at a semi reasonable price to take home and cook so we warmed ourselves that night with a bit of home cooking - pork chops with gravy, apple sauce, roast potatoes and steamed cabbage- which we shared with a fellow boarder from Austria (simple pleasures for us on the road ;) ). Yesterday we took the Fjellheisen cable car up to the top of the peak facing Tromso city. Again stunning views. Tromso is actually set on an island, in amongst the Fjords hence the views. We have learnt how to walk on the icy roads and pavements......well enough to have managed to stay on our feet....although there have been some humours close calls ;).
Anyway our plane is ready for boarding so I better pack up for now.
Love to all
Dani and Ryan
PS the view from the plane was awesome!

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From London to Tromso

snow -1 °C

Well we finally have time to catch up with ourselves and touch base again. It is 4.30pm local time here wednesday 2nd April and Ryan is crashed in bed. The pace has been a little hectic, lots of walking etc and Ry has been making fun of the old girl (her aching bones really) but the truth is i think he is suffering just as much!! If i dont come home 10kgs lighter then you will know we have been drinking way too much!!

London was ...... different than we expected. We were staying in Jack the Rippers huinting ground, East London which was an eye opener to start!! The locals werent as friendly as we expected, i dont know if it is the whole terrorist thing (which is still prominently discussed in the media ...dob in suspicious neighbours campaign on the radio for example) or if it is just a big city thing. We did meet some great people along the way though one being a very sweet German hairdresser. (LJ you should set up shop here i paid 117 pound which is around 250 $A !!! to have my hair done - budget blow #1). We also made friends at the local pub watching Manchester United play soccer. Lucky we were rooting for the same team :). Actually made a few pub stops in London....what else is an aussie to do!

We arrived in Tromso last night and flew in through snow!! This photo above is the view from our bedroom window that we woke up to this morning. We had our first snow ball fight this morning and i am sure the locals think we are mad but it was all fun for us!
Love this place shame it is so god damm expensive. Thought we would take it easy today and explore more tomorrow....we are happy at this stage to just stand outside when it is snowing....nice and easy pleased;).
Well thats all for now. Will keep you posted


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Day One

Arriving in Hong Kong


Well we arrived safely in Honkas and are both very impressed with the efficiency of the airport here. We were off the plane, baggage collected and on the express train to the Hotel well before we would of even made it through customs in Perth airport!! Very much aware that this will not necessarily be the experience throughout our journey!!

After a very scarey taxi ride (will be the last one here!) we checked into our hotel to find a smaller than expected accomodation barely fitting in two single beds! I think it is actually smaller than Ryans bathroom at Broadbent! but it is decked out with all mod cons - free wirelss internet, flat screen TV (a normal one wouldnt fit!) fridge (no bigger than a bannana box) and surround sound stereo (not that you need it given the size of the room). We got over the "small" surprise and headed out to explore and find some dinner.As we left the hotel we noticed 2 large guys checking in with 4 large suitcases and peed ourselves laughing at the revelation in front of them.

Dinner was chineese of course and we fluked a great little resturant. The waiter was really cool and even gave Ryan tips on the best streets to visit - Chicken Street and Hunters Street - apparently the streets to pick up a girl in (aka prostitute or boy-girl pro.... Nice that he was trying to be helpful though!!

After a sleep in we are about to go out to Dim Sum!!! Cant wait ..........
Cheers till next time

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